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2019-6-11 19:11

來源: RiskCompliance

Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng. 中國商務部發言人高峰。PHOTO:XINHUA/ZUMA PRESS

Chinese authorities summoned some of the world’s largest tech companies last week to tell them they could face repercussions if they respond too aggressively to U.S. trade restrictions, according to people familiar with the matter.


Called by China’s National Development and Reform Commission on last Tuesday and Wednesday, the meetings with more than a dozen companies add a new dimension to Beijing’s pushback against the Trump administration’s restrictions on access to advanced American technology amid a lengthy trade dispute.

中國國家發展和改革委員會(簡稱:發改委)上周二和周三牽頭召見了10多家外國科技公司。在曠日持久的中美貿易爭端過程中,此次會面使中方反制特朗普(Donald Trump)政府阻礙中國獲得美國先進技術的努力上升到一個新高度。

Among the companies called in were chip makers Intel Corp. , Qualcomm Inc., ARM Holdings PLC and SK Hynix Inc., software giant Microsoft Corp. , South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co., computer maker Dell Technologies Inc.,Finnish electronics company Nokia Corp. and networking equipment makerCisco Systems Inc., according to one of the people.

據其中一位知情人士稱,被召見的公司包括芯片制造商英特爾(Intel Co., INTC)、高通公司(Qualcomm Inc., QCOM)、ARM Holdings PLC (ARMH)和海力士半導體(SK Hynix Inc., 000660.SE),另外還有軟件巨頭微軟(Microsoft Co., MSFT),韓國的三星電子(Samsung Electronics Co., 005930.SE)、電腦制造商戴爾科技集團(Dell Technologies, DELL),芬蘭的諾基亞公司(Nokia Co., NOK)和網絡設備制造商思科系統(Cisco Systems Inc., CSCO, 簡稱:思科)。

The move against Huawei disallowed sales to the telecom giant without a Commerce Department license. China responded by announcing an “unreliable entity list” for foreign companies that stopped supplies to China or took other actions seen as damaging the interests of Chinese companies.


On last Saturday, Chinese official news agency Xinhua reported the NDRC, China’s central economic planning body, was studying the establishment of yet another list system to “more effectively forestall and defuse national security risks.” Xinhua also said in a commentary that this new system would prevent “certain countries from using Chinese technologies and simultaneously curbing China’s development.”


In the meetings this week, Chinese officials told foreign tech companies that there would be unspecified consequences if they pulled out of China, ended business partnerships there or stopped supplying products to Chinese customers, especially if those moves were in line with mandates by countries China saw as breakers of international rules, one person familiar with the matter said.


Another person familiar with the meetings said the Chinese understood that multinational companies had to comply with U.S. law, but that their message was that the firms shouldn’t pare back their exposure to China any more than they were required to.


The person described the meetings between midlevel China-based company executives and midlevel NDRC bureaucrats as cordial but unusual. In addition to delivering the warning, Chinese officials asked what the companies’ barriers were to doing business and how the Chinese government could help, the person said.


Companies with U.S. operations must comply with the administration’s restrictions on their dealings with China. They can, however, seek licenses from the Commerce Department that allow them to continue trading with Huawei or any other entity that faces similar restrictions in the future.


China’s NDRC couldn’t be reached by telephone late Saturday.


Asa Fitch / Yoko Kubota


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